Saturday, July 23, 2016

Trump Speech

Yeah, I know I said I was sick of politics last Friday, but I'm gonna talk about them again!

I saw Donald Trump's big speech at the Republican National Convention. Well, I saw part of it. It was 45 minutes long. I'm not going to watch the whole thing. What impressed me about the speech was how non-Republican it was. Like, all you have to do is change one or two things, and it's the same speech Hillary Clinton could give next week when she becomes the Democrat's nominee.

In case you missed it, he endorsed gay marriage and transgender bathroom rights, as well as equal pay for women and paid maternal leave. He avoided popular Republican topics, like abortion and religion. In other words, he doesn't care about fighting the culture wars. He's either going to avoid them entirely, or side with the Democrats on them.

He briefly pandered to the Republican base, by talking about expanding the military. At the same time, he wants to remove our military from other countries, like Japan or the NATO bloc, who can afford to protect themselves, instead of piggybacking on our military, with little cost to them and great cost to us. So he's more or less a military isolationist, with no interest in fighting other countries' wars for them. Or at least, he won't fight other countries' wars without being well compensated for it.

With economics, he said a lot of the same things that Bernie Sanders has been saying. He wants businesses to pay their fair share of taxes. He thinks international trade deals have been bad for the United States. He railed against businesses who fire a bunch of Americans and send their jobs overseas, just to save money. He thinks student debt is crippling the younger generation, and we need to fix that. That's mostly the same as the Democrats, with some differences. He didn't mention increasing the minimum wage, and he still supports tax cuts for big businesses. He also denounced businesses who hire illegal immigrants and pay them criminally low wages, which sounded more like his anti-illegal immigrant spiel than a legitimate part of his economics spiel.

So...yeah. I was surprised at how Trump's speech fits the Democratic party much better than the Republican party. I mean, I know he's been a lifelong Democrat, but still. He's not even pretending to be on the same side as the Republicans. And for the most part, the Republicans seem totally fine with him revamping the party's agenda.

My question now would be how his policies are different from Hillary Clinton's, seeing as he's a liberal Republican and she's a conservative Democrat. They're only going to get more and more similar in the upcoming months, since both candidates start leaning to the middle, post-nomination. Sadly, I don't think the Clinton/Trump debates will contain ANY substantive policy discussion. It'll mostly be them attacking each other, nonstop.


Anonymous said...

I think hillary is almost more republican cause she supports trade deals and wants more wars.

Anonymous said...

I don't trust either of them. They'll both say whatever they think people want to hear. There's absolutely no telling what they'll do when they actually take office.

And frankly, some of the racist things Trump said are completely unforgivable no matter what he does to try to turn things around now.