Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Treasure in the Royal Tower Extra Phone Call - Followup

Here's a followup to an earlier post about a third phone call in Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower.

The way to trigger the phone call is to start a fight between Lisa and Nancy, so Lisa will refuse to talk to Nancy anymore. I have no idea HOW you make this fight happen. The Her Interactive boards indicate it happens during your conversation with Lisa about the library. And, um...I've never had a conversation with Lisa about the library.

Any ideas how to do that? Someone else said you can talk to Lisa about exploring Hotchkiss' room, and that's another conversation I've never had with her.

Anyway, since Lisa won't talk to you, the trigger for the "medallion in shed puzzle" gets changed to Lisa leaving you a voicemail, as opposed to the normal way, of Lisa telling you directly.

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tjbernad said...

I remember this happening the first time I played the game and to me, watching your walkthrough was interesting because I didn't quite feel the same animosity towards Lisa when watching the sequence of events in your video as I did when Nancy and Lisa had a bit of a falling out. So to me, it made the game and especially the ending feel totally different since I had different opinions of one of the characters that was in my suspect pool. I feel like I triggered it by mainly just blundering around, having no clue what to do and thereby talking to people as much as possible trying to get hints whereas a lot of other players who are more skilled at these games will see the clues and hints easier and won't need to call friends or talk to suspects 50 times in between game events.