Thursday, July 28, 2016

Summer Camps

We got Mary enrolled in a few summer camps this year, and I don't want to be a complaining old guy, but man, all these camps are run by incompetent college kids who have no idea what they're doing! Get it together, college kids!

Camp #1 had important paperwork for all the children. But College Boy didn't think ahead and sort the papers. No, he just dumped them in a giant pile. So he had to dig through the entire pile, for every single person, causing a two-minute delay for each camper. Multiply that by twenty campers, and hey, nobody's getting checked in on time.

That camp also had a problem, where one boy hit other children. The college kids responded by doing, um...nothing. They weren't sure what to do, so they did nothing. Even the preteens in the Baby-Sitters Club know better than that! Separate the fighting children, try talking to them, do something! Don't just ignore the problem and hope it goes away.

Camp #2 was at a school. They actually had TWO Lego camps at the school, but the college kids at the front assured me that they were the one and only Lego Camp in the building. Mary wasn't on their registration list, obviously, but the college kids said that happened all the time, nothing to worry about. It's not a good sign when the first introduction to camp is, "Sorry, we screw up a lot."

The camp was basically "throw kids in the corner with Legos and hope they keep quiet for nine hours". Fortunately, the camp we DID register for was run by actual adults who planned activities in advance.

Camp #3 took 45 minutes for drop off/registration/sign in. FORTY-FIVE MINUTES. They easily could have cut that in half, by putting some instructions about the process on their website, but no. The college kids directing traffic didn't know how the registration process worked, either, so they accidentally put everyone in the wrong waiting line. Oops, ha ha! This happened with drop-off AND pickup. The traffic lines for drop-off don't match up with the traffic lines for pickup, just to make things extra confusing.

The college kids at registration also had the problem of "we didn't sort anything ahead of time, so let's spend three minutes digging through our files for each and every child". That didn't help.

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Justice said...

And here I was thinking college requires you to learn how to have your act together (I started college this year)...