Monday, July 25, 2016

Posting Order

I'm trying to do my book reviews in chronological order, but I don't know what to do when there are multiple books in the same month. Like, Nancy Drew Files 38 and Nancy Drew Hardy Boys Supermystery 4 both came out in August 1989. Which book do I review first? Do I try to review them both at the same time, or what? Should I prioritize the Hardy Boys spinoff, just because there are fewer of those books?

As I said yesterday, I'm getting close to the River Heights series. And it looks like there are some triple dipper months! That is, months where there is a new Nancy Drew Files book, a new Nancy Drew Hardy Boys Supermystery book and a River Heights book. How do I handle that? Which series gets priority in that situation?

Same question goes for the Baby-Sitters Club books and the Little Sister spinoff series. Starting with Book 47, they also get a mystery spinoff series, because of course they do.

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