Friday, July 15, 2016


I am really depressed today, and I'm having trouble getting up the energy to do video work like I usually do.

There was a big terrorist attack in France yesterday. The seventh one this year, by some accounts. Over 70 people died.

That's bad enough as it is, but I was following the story online, and I was disgusted at how people immediately politicized the issue. That is, everyone instantly started to ignore what happened, and they turned it into another Republicans VS Democrats fight. I was also disgusted at how both sides purposely twisted statements, facts and circumstances to fit their own beliefs and agendas, while accusing the other side of doing the exact same thing.

I'm sick of how this keeps happening. It feels like it happens with every single issue, and there's never any resolution.

I think disgust with the media and politics is what helped lead to the rise of Donald Trump, actually. He's a non-politician, who made other politicians look ridiculous and eat their own words. Plus, the media dislikes Trump, and they constantly ran attack pieces against him. For anyone who doesn't like media and politics, those are two big points in Trump's favor.


Katie said...

I've had to stop reading news-related items on social media, and stop reading/watching the news. Big headlines I check out, and scan the articles. Otherwise, I don't need it - it had been making me sick and depressed, until I stopped. You should consider doing the same. We don't need to see tons of video footage of horrific events, and know all the details, and we definite don't need to know how everyone else in America feels about all the issues. I've changed the way I consume the news, and how I use Facebook - I am much happier by far since I made the change. In many ways, social media and the news is bad for our mental health.

lence said...

One might consider finding independent news channels and support them (they usually don't have much funding), campaigning to change the voting system in US.

Yes, it's craziness, I agree.