Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Oregon Trail Romance

I kind of want to write a game called Love on the Oregon Trail. For research purposes, I reserved the Oregon Trail Romance books at my local library.

...Those are an actual thing. The library had two of them, and they were both short story collections.

Let me read the summaries. It seems the stories have these plotlines...
  1. Lady marries a man she barely knows.
  2. Nurse falls in love with a patient
  3. Murder or Matrimony is a detective who is trying to find out the secrets of a woman's past. He falls in love with her along the way.
  4. Our hero is forced to work for a mean guy with an even meaner (and flirty) daughter. Can he escape them and marry the nice girl?
  5. Evil uncle wants to force our heroine to marry his business partner. Can she escape him and marry the nice guy?
  6. Our heroine's family wants her to move to Oregon with them, when she wants to move east.
  7. Man with amnesia is adopted by all-female family. Scandalous!
  8. Heroine needs to find her missing father in Oregon, so she teams up with a guy who's trying to save kids from evil adopted parents.
  9. Heroine has to cross-dress to help protect her friend and daughter.
  10. A tornado kills almost everyone except our heroine and several little girls.
  11. A woman looking for her lost son enlists the help of a woman-hater who slowly falls in love with her.
  12. A tragic death splits a family in half, and our heroine must decide which half to follow. Also, two hot guys want to marry her.
  13. Poor widow falls for a man who plans to do one last tour before retiring.
Okay! That's a lot of stories and ideas. Can I appropriate some of them for my videogame? Like, the mystery storyline. I wouldn't mind trying a mystery story. And the amnesia person is cliche, but it could be neat.

Obviously, I'd have to change the stories a little, otherwise that'd be plagiarism.


Emily said...

What about doing a storyline that combines Oregon Trail with And then there Were none?

Was is cholera or was it murder?! Dun dun dun!!!

Anonymous said...

or that donner pass mystery