Sunday, July 3, 2016


I was going to play/record some NES games this week, but I don't know how to connect the NES to the flatscreen TV. The NES has a yellow and a red cable that connects it to TVs, but the TV has six inputs and only one is red. Oh dear.

I was able to see the NES screen for a bit when I plugged it directly into my Hauppauge PVR, the device I use to record console games. But there's a delay of about a second, so I can't use that to play games off of. No, I need to play the game normally on a TV.

I'm hoping the issue is just with the TV. When I get a chance, I'll try it again with an older TV.

This isn't a priority, because the only NES game I have to walkthrough is McKids. The other games I have are Mario/TMNT/DuckTales, and those have all been done by tons of people. It'd be nice to speedrun one of those games, but again, they've all been done by tons of people. Pretty much the only way to get a record on those games is in an obscure category, like "Duck Tales Normal Mode Glitchless 100%".

Speaking of that, do you want a speedrun record? Play Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger! It has nine different categories, most of which are untouched. When there's no competition, getting a record is easy!


Elizabeth Riepenhoff said...

Wait, your TV doesn't have a yellow input? Just the red?

Elizabeth Riepenhoff said...

Maybe this will help. Let me know.

Anonymous said...

If your TV is the average HD TV, your NES is probably gonna look bad anyway. I played a Genesis on my friend's HD TV and they look horrible. If you have a "fatback" CRT TV in your bedroom or in the closet use that. If you really want to hook it up/have no choice but to use the HD TV (and by HD, I mean flat screen LCD, LED, etc), it might just be that you can still plug it in (the yellow and red AV) to the flatscreen, they just may have changed the colors, so you'll essentially be trying to tap into RGB/component. Get out a flash light and look for "VIDEO IN" for yellow, and "AUDIO IN" for red or white. It is going OUT of the NES and into the TV, I get confused sometimes with that when I hook up a VCR. Unless your TV is HDMI only (which some are), you can probably find a a video/audio input, it just might not be the color of the cords. If that doesn't work than your TV is just too new.