Thursday, July 14, 2016

How to Proceed

In case it's not obvious, I'm trying to do a review, an Everything Wrong With video and a speedrun for all the Nancy Drew games. I've been going through the games in chronological order.

But this is kind of slow. Do people want me to do something else?

Like, just do "Everything Wrong With" videos, until I've done the whole series, then go back and do reviews, then go back and do speedruns. Or just do speedruns and "Everything Wrong With", then go back and do reviews. I'm pretty sure I could get the videos done faster, if I wasn't trying three series simultaneously.


Anonymous said...

The "everything wrong with" series is so much fun! I hope you will continue with those.

Next favorite are the reviews, and the speed runs I havent watched yet, so I cant say.

I would say do "everything wrong with" first, because that requires a certain type of observation / research all to itself.

then do the reviews and speed runs together (while doing the speedrun it will refresh your memory to write the reviews)

Whatever you post is really appreciated!

Jo said...

I also love the "everything wrong" series! "Anonymous" basically said everything I wanted to say.

Btw, I'm loving the And Then There Were None videos! I hope you'll do the other Agatha Christie games (Evil Under the Sun and Murder on the Orient Express) in the future.

Belinda said...

Second the above two comments!

Anonymous said...

Also agatha christie ABC Murders

Anonymous said...

I love your "Everything Wrong With" videos, they're always so eye-opening! I watch all your uploads, but that particular series is one of my favorites.

Elentarien said...

I'd say keep the 'Everything Wrong With. . ." videos. They're fun and somewhat more unusual.

The reviews, if other people enjoy them, can come later when you're not working through series quite so much. Speed runs...well, to be honest, I watched one, and sort of found it boring. I prefer to watch gaming videos watching people bumble through and actually *play*. Speed-runs tend to be a bit more boring. (I can't even really play them for myself.) But yeah, if you're going to do speed-runs, the first commenter is right. Reviews/speedruns done together might be a good idea, because your memory will be fresh on each game.

I'm enjoying this current Agatha Christie game you're playing for us.

One thing I might suggest is keep going with the 'new' games. Playing older games like this Agatha Christie game that we may not have seen other 'let's play' gamers do is great. Especially since we may not be able to get our hands on these games to play them ourselves. (And, to be honest, sometimes these games are slow enough - it's actually nice to watch them because you sort of get to play them - with company.)

Bottom line, though, is do what YOU enjoy doing. If you aren't enjoying making these videos, we won't enjoy watching them. So if you're not enjoying a project, let us know and find something else! :)