Thursday, July 7, 2016

Game Demos

I said yesterday that there were demos of the new Zelda game. I don't 100% trust Zelda demos, thanks to Twilight Princess.

If you've played the game yourself, you probably noticed that the first part of the game is a little weird. It's good, but it has weird elements to it. Like Link being a falconer, which happens nowhere else in the game. Like the subquest to get slingshot, a weapon which you only have to use once in the game (and even then, you can skip it). Like the Malo/Monkey kidnapping sequence which went unexplained, storywise. Like the first part being split up into three days, and you having to reach the first dungeon three times before you can enter it.

Well, there's a reason that part of the game is a little off. They made it, for the purposes of having demos. It's fun to play, but it's also not representative of the game itself. I've been skeptical of Zelda demos ever since then.

Zelda obviously isn't the only game series that does this. A lot of casual games like to frontload with exciting, interesting stuff, so people will buy them quickly. And then when you reach the main game, things are totally different. I hate it when that happens. It feels like I've been tricked into getting a mediocre game! Or I feel disappointed, like the start of the game was so much fun, why isn't the rest of the game like that?

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