Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Okay, so I had a dream that I was playing the upcoming Nancy Drew game. At one point, Nancy had to entertain the crowd with ballet, while I was the announcer. I had to describe what was going on in the ballet, but I don't understand how ballet works, so I made up a bunch of stuff about someone summoning a giant tree monster.

Rumor has it the game is based on The Witch Tree Symbol, so that totally works. Maybe? I don't know how that rumor got started. Maybe because of the word "witch" in the title, and how Game #33 based on Book #33 is a neat idea.

At the end of the game, Nancy stopped the culprit with a bowl of popcorn. That is, she turned the bowl upside-down and dumped it on the culprit's head. I was confused, because I thought she was going to throw it at them.

I'm pretty sure none of this will make it into Midnight in Salem. Speaking of the game, though, I haven't heard anything about it. I don't know when its release date is. Please stop asking me that question every single day. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I just tried to read Witch Tree symbol. While I vaguely remember the part about the witch tree being interesting, this time I gave up before I got to the witch tree part. It's really boring and everyone is yelling at Nancy, saying she's a witch, because she's in Amish country and she has a car and normal city mannerisms. It takes place in Pennsylvania, and the Amish theme seems to be a pretty big part of the book, so I don't think Midnight in Salem will be based on Witch tree symbol. If anything, Whispering Statue or Secret of Wooden Lady is more likely, just because those take place in New England. Maybe one of the later 80's/90's Nancy books had a more cohesive Salem theme that Midnight in Salem will be based on.

Belinda said...

This post made my day, they totally should have the MIS culprit be pelted with popcorn as way to stop them..Hopefully its not too late to add this in seeing as sadly an end of the year 2016 release seems unlikely at this point..