Saturday, July 30, 2016

Democrat Convention

Well, I talked about the Republican Convention last week, might as well talk about the Democrat Convention this week!

The convention started off in the worst possible way. A hacker leaked thousands of DNC emails, which proved what everyone more or less knew all along: the Democrats purposely tried to rig the election, in favor of Hillary Clinton. The head of the DNC was forced to quit her job as a result of this scandal.

...Then she immediately got hired to work on the Clinton campaign. Which is kind of mind-blowing. You'd think Hillary Clinton, OF ALL PEOPLE, would try to distance herself from email scandals and corrupt politicians, but no. Apparently, her campaign doesn't care if its members follow the Democratic party's rules and conventions.

I saw the speeches given by President Obama and Hillary Clinton. President Obama's speech was fantastic. I haven't seen him give a speech with such passion and emotion in years! It kind of makes me wish that he was running for a third term. For me, Obama's speech completely overshadowed Clinton's. Her speech was merely okay, with the best part being the various one-liners, which will probably be tweeted and retweeted for weeks.

On an oratorical note, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are opposites, when it comes to precision. He is overly general, and he'll say "all" when he means "most", as in "All anime should be subbed instead of dubbed!". Hillary Clinton is overly precise, and she'll get caught up in minutiae, as in, "Nancy Drew: Secret of Shadow Ranch is a good game, but it comes with 32 problems which I will list in alphabetical order".

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