Sunday, July 10, 2016

Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None

My current walkthrough is Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None.

This is a great game, trapped inside a mediocre game. My main issue with the game is that the player is forced to go through every single screen of the game, at least five times, in order to move the story forward. That doesn't include the many times you'll be forced to backtrack through the entire game, because you overlooked a small item.

The worst part is that this happens twice at the start of the game, before the interesting storyline starts. Come on, game! You want to START with the interesting material! You don't want to delay it a half-hour, in favor of wandering around aimlessly.

There are a few puzzles which require moon logic, like "the flashlight batteries are in a flour can" and "you get rid of thorns by pouring apple cider on them". It would have helped if you could click on or interact with things related to puzzles. For example, one puzzle is to get rid of a goat by pouring water in its trough. You can't click on the trough or interact with it, so I thought it was just part of the scenery, and not part of a puzzle. Same thing with the water pump, that's part of the same puzzle.


Unknown said...

Hi Michael, when do you think you will have the rest of the videos for this game up? I'm looking forward to it. Thanks!! :)

thea said...

It is difficult to keep the story continuing i get it. Honestly i thought i was going through a glitch in the game where it wouldnt let me go into the 6th chapter and i quit the game for 2 months! But trust me, replaying the game while knowing the map route better and the triggers helps you focus more on the great storyline which i feel is the main seller of this game.