Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Pokemon Yellow Blind

This weekend, I did a Pokémon Yellow livstream, which started off as "this is fun!" and eventually devolved into "I have no idea what I have to do next, I just spent 40 minutes wandering around and getting NOWHERE".

I'm at the final third of the game, where the entire map is opened up to you, and you can go mostly anywhere you want. And that's what got me stuck. I could go ANYWHERE, but I didn't know where I was supposed to go! I (correctly) guessed that Fuchsia City was my next destination, as it was the only place I hadn't been to yet. After that, though? I had no idea where to go, and there weren't any clues to guide me.

It would help a LOT, if every boss told you where the next boss was. For example, when you defeat Erica, she can say, "You beat me, but I bet you can't beat Sabrina in Saffron City!". Something like that is what this game desperately needs.

After the livestream, I checked some walkthroughs online to figure out what to do next, and it turns out the solution was to revisit some old areas, to do very specific things. I soldiered on and recorded four more videos, these ones being a lot more focused and on point. Mostly. There's still a fair amount of me wandering around a dungeon for the first time, exploring and getting lost. But now I'm only 2-3 videos away from defeating the final gym leader! After that is the final boss gauntlet, and game over! I think.

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