Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hockey Playoffs

Oh, wow, the NHL playoffs were amazing this year! My team, the San Jose Sharks, made it all the way to the finals for the first time ever!

The TV schedule was weird, though.

Normally for hockey, they play a game every other day. For the playoffs, they have 2-4 day gaps in between games. That way, they can have as many weekend games as possible, and therefore, get as many viewers as possible. We saw this in the finals, when Game 3 was delayed until Sunday.

I did not get to see the game. It was going to be on NBC, but they decided to air reruns of comedy shows instead. They ended up airing the game on one of their secondary channels. I was very upset about that. My team is in the finals, and the network decides it's not important enough to show? Grrrr!

I did get to see two games of the series, and of course, they ended up being two games where the Sharks lost. Just my luck! It was kind of painful to watch, but the highlight was the Sharks' new goalie, Martin Jones. He was fantastic! He consistently made the top three players of the game, even when his team lost. I'm sure his success is a major factor in the Sharks doing so well in the playoffs.

The worst part was watching the final period of the playoffs. The Sharks had two shots on goal. Two shots, in twenty minutes. It's really hard to win a game, if you only shoot once every ten minutes! The team's captain, Joe Pavelski, had zero shots during the entire game. True, the other team did a great job of blocking shots, but still. You can't score if you don't shoot!

I wonder what's going to happen to Patrick Marleau and Joe Thornton now, who are the team's aging superstars. They both started in 1997, so this year would be their 20th year playing professional hockey. For reference, the average career is 5.5 years, so they've been going for a long time! I figured they would retire over the summer, if the team won the playoffs.

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tjbernad said...

As a Pittsburgh fan, I was happy with how the series turned out but the Sharks definitely gave the Pens a run for their money! Definitely ran into the same network problems as you though, it seemed a lot of times NBC wanted you to subscribe to their cable network NBC Sports to watch it so I had to settle for highlights afterwards.