Saturday, June 25, 2016

Gun Control

Gun control has been a big topic in the news, following the Orlando shooting. Everyone from President Obama to Donald Trump is trying to make it illegal for you to buy guns, if you're a suspected terrorist on the government's no fly list.

I support this effort, but there have been problems getting legislation passed. The main problem is that the rules surrounding the no fly list are secret. Well, duh, of course they're secret. The government doesn't want its list of suspected terrorists to be public knowledge. Still, we need some kind of checks and balances here, in order to prevent abuse. Not only do we need clear rules as to how someone gets on the no fly list, but we also need rules for getting people off the no fly list. Because there has to be some kind of appeals system, for people who feel that they've been put on the no fly list unjustly. The way people are reacting, there definitely have been innocent people who were put on the no fly list accidentally.

Once they make the system more transparent, I'm sure it'll be easier to get the gun control legislation passed. Or maybe the law-makers will just split in half along party lines, like they usually do. Who knows?

I find it super-interesting that Trump's reaction was to agree with President Obama on gun control. Have you ever heard the saying "only Nixon could go to China"? I think it applies here. The Republicans are going to ignore any and all gun control suggestions, coming from President Obama. But when the exact same suggestions come from Trump? All of a sudden, the Republicans have open ears.

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