Monday, June 27, 2016

Dog Attack

Our dog Luna was attacked at the dog park the other day.

Luna is a small dog, mostly Pomeranian. A German Shepherd picked up her by the neck and shook her for about a minute, until letting go. Mary says that the other dog only let go because Luna bit its nose. As soon as Luna hit the ground again, she ran away and hid under the car.

The good news is that Luna wasn't hurt. She was mostly just shaken. The other dog's teeth must have gotten on her collar, instead of piercing the skin. We took Luna to the vet, and the vet prescribed some painkillers.

Luna loves painkillers, to the point where we joke that she has a drug problem. We administer the painkiller in her mouth, with a plastic syringe. Most dogs don't like having things stuck in their mouths, and indeed, Luna refuses to open up her mouth for teeth brushing. But when she's getting painkillers? Luna opens up eagerly and wants more.

Luna's doing all right now. My wife took her back to the dog park, to see how Luna would react, and the first thing Luna did was run out and smack a big dog in the face, to get it to chase her. So she's not afraid of big dogs or the dog park. Still, we might want to consider taking her to the dog park that separates big dogs and little dogs, from now on.


Elizabeth Pfeffer said...

I'm so glad Luna is okay that's scary. I'm so glad that she's not scared of big dogs. Luna is turning into a druggie! LOL JK

Stripes said...

Aww, I hope she is ok and animals don't usually like medicine, lol.

Anonymous said...

That's weird that they gave a liquid painkiller. Our dogs needed to be put on antibiotics, and to get them to take it we squeezed the pills into cheese cubes. We called it "crunchy cheese" and if anyone says it even jokingly, the dogs will come running down from wherever they are expecting some.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Luna is okay! I'm sorry to hear she and you guys had a scary episode. Unfortunately, dog parks are pretty unpredictable. I have a dog that isn't good with other dogs, and the only time I take him to a dog park is when other people and dogs aren't there. In your case, I'd definitely try to keep Luna in a small dogs only area or be very careful going forward, mostly making sure big dogs seem to be responding to their owners. People can be jerks and bring their ill-mannered dog to dog parks, or they might be large puppies who don't know their own strength. Even if you drive all the way to the dog park and there's a lot of big, scary dogs there, its better to be careful and walk Luna somewhere else.