Friday, June 10, 2016

Democratic Primary

The Democratic Presidential election is over now! I guess that means it's safe to talk about it. I wanted to talk about it earlier, but I also didn't want to start any political wars.

The candidate I supported was Bernie Sanders. Call me silly, but I supported him because he was the only one to visit my state (Oregon). He visited multiple times! Hillary Clinton didn't visit us; she sent her husband Bill to stump in her place. That's sort of like expecting an ice cream sundae for dessert, but getting an ice cream sandwich instead. I mean, it's still ice cream, and everyone likes ice cream, but it's not what you were really hoping for.

I'm doing the math now, and it looks like Sanders and Clinton had a 45-55 split, with the normal delegates. That's not too far off from the 46-53 split that Clinton and Obama had in 2008. In comparison, the Republican race was a blowout; Trump and Cruz got a 62-22 split.

The magic percentage that you want is 60. If you get 60% of the normal delegates, you win automatically. Otherwise, the election gets decided by the superdelegates. Superdelegates make up 15% of the Democratic vote, and they vote in July. Most of them broadcasted their votes before the primaries started in February, and they have a 92-8 split, in favor of Clinton. That's very lopsided, and Sanders supporters have complained about this system at length.

As I said, superdelegates vote in July. So technically Sanders could still become the Democratic nominee. He just needs to win 76% of the superdelegate vote. Going from 8% of the superdelegate vote to 76% of the superdelegate vote is probably not possible.

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maybe he could run on Green Party! In any case I am writing him in