Thursday, May 5, 2016

Three Things Thursday

1. Nintendo has finally gotten around to putting YouTube copyrights on Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess videos. I expect this is because of the upcoming HD re-release. The good news is that you can still watch my video walkthrough, and there are no copyright strikes against my channel! Just copyright notices, which apparently are a completely different thing.

I'm still kind of sad that this is my least popular Zelda walkthrough. I'm critical of the game, but I certainly enjoyed it more than Wind Waker. Probably because it has more dungeons.

2. Cat President is chugging along! Make sure to vote for the game if you' haven't already! We passed 500 votes this week!

Sadly, we've been leap-frogged by a lot of games. Like, we jumped up to 56th percentile when Steam released their latest batch of games, and now we're back down to 51%. I would be more upset about that, but we got over 500 votes! I'm still excited.

3. I think this will be the final version of the page description:

Arglefumph has been recording videogame walkthroughs since 2007. His humorous commentary for the Nancy Drew series and other casual adventure games have gained him a solid following, with over 47 million views to date. He also records book reviews and vlogs, with the help of his family members.


Amy Christine said...
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Amy Christine said...

I love the page description! Your videos makes me laugh. =D

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I believe it captures the true essence of your page, and your personality. New viewers will know what to expect, while loyal viewers will appreciate nod to your previous works. Although, I am biased because I was thrilled to see you used a piece of my sample. ;)
Overall, great job!

Stripes said...

That's good. I think humorous is better than colorful.

Rebecca Wong said...

hello argle don't worry I love your TP walkthrough