Tuesday, May 24, 2016


On Twitter, I joked that I would spend more time complaining about teenagers, now that I'm 30. I'm going to live up to that promise today, by complaining about my teenage co-workers.

Note: This all happened months ago. I purposely delayed this post for a few months, to avoid incriminating one of my co-workers.

I work at a pizza place. One night, the teenagers weren't even trying to work. They were in a "party time, goof off, eat free pizza" mood the whole time. I'm a delivery driver, so them goofing off didn't affect me all that much, besides for the fact that it took them an extra 10-15 minutes to make any particular pizza. Also, the one teenager got mad at me, because I asked them to give me some lids. They're right next to you, dude, just grab them and hand them to me, I don't need a lecture on how it's not in your job description to help drivers.

By the end of the night, the store ran out of pizza dough, because the teenagers made, like, six pizzas for themselves. I'm not sure what they planned to do if we had any customers. "Sorry, we can't take any more orders; I used up the pizza dough on myself and my buddies". Seriously, teenagers, when the store is running low on pizza dough, and you have lots of orders, it is NOT the time to make free pizzas for yourselves.

So there were a lot of non-customer pizzas, just floating around that night. They were all in the "free to take" pizza warmer, where we keep all the pizzas we can't sell. Those would be mess-up pizzas, or pizzas which somebody ordered but never picked up, now it's an hour old and kind of gross. I decided, hey, I might as well take one of the free to take pizzas.

This one teenager literally stole the pizza out of my hands, because it was his pizza. I asked what made it his pizza. Did he make the pizza himself, or did he claim the pizza for himself earlier? No. He says he thought about it, so that means he owns it. All the other teenager flocked together to scold me, for having the audacity to try to take a free, unclaimed pizza that someone else had thought about.

Like I said, this happened months ago, so all of those teenagers probably don't work at the store anymore. I'm told the average employment period in fast food is one month. So if you don't like your co-workers in the food industry, wait a month. You'll have new ones! Just try not to think about how they're being paid the same amount as you, even though you've been working there for two years more than they have.

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Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about that Michael, I know I had a few immature teens at the department store I worked at and made my skin crawl sometimes. You're right in that in "wait a month if you don't like your coworkers". On the other hand, you guys get to make yourselves free pizza? Ideally yes when there's no orders. Lucky. I know there's some restaurant jobs that are really weird about the food and how it gets thrown out and all