Friday, May 13, 2016

Sherlock Holmes Game

I have a new videogame for purchase! It's The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, a text game that covers four of the original Sherlock Holmes stories. Buy it today!

This is the game that I made three years ago. It didn't get picked up for publication in 2013, and it's been sitting on my computer ever since. I decided to bring the project back to life.

I'm charging 64 cents for it, because PayPal charges me 32 cents to sell a copy. So I more or less break even, on that front. The pizza delivery fee works on the exact same principle. They charge $3.50 per delivery, because the driver has to get $1.75 reimbursement.

I hope this game is popular enough to warrant a sequel! I'd love to continue with the other eight Sherlock Holmes stories. Or do the same thing, with a different book. Once I got into the groove of writing/programming the game, it was relatively easy to do!

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Mary Alvin said...

Hey Michael just a heads up Nancy Drew Codes and Clues is out today