Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Pizza Delivery Problems

Yesterday, I talked about my pizza delivery job. I want to make a game about pizza delivery, just as a way to vent all my job problems. (Sort of like how Francy Droo was a convenient way for me to vent about all my problems with wedding planning.)

There's more than just complaining, though. Sometimes interesting things happen on the job, and I think it'd be neat to have a game that deals with them. Like, delivering pizza to the houses with giant dogs. I drive up to the house, and a giant dog parks itself right by my car door. I have to decide if I think the dog is friendly or not, and if I can open the car door without being attacked. My compromise is to open the car door, while holding the pizza out in front of me, so the dog attacks the pizza, not me.

Also, customers who do not wear clothes. Some people think that's just an urban myth, but it's true. I've delivered pizzas to people who are half-naked. Usually, it's lazy guys who couldn't be bothered to put a shirt on, but occasionally, it's women with a "no pants, long shirt" combo. One time, I interrupted a woman who was taking a bath, and she showed up to the door in nothing but a towel. Why would you do that, when you know someone is going to visit your house to drop off a pizza?!

So, yeah, super awkward moments with customers who are not fully clothed. More common problems include someone giving me the wrong address, or trying to find a particular apartment in a large complex that reuses numbers. Why would an apartment complex have TWO rooms labeled #40? That's just asking for trouble, even if they're in separate buildings.

There's also the stoner rush, which happens around 9 to 10. Right before closing, a bunch of stoners call in for pizza, because they're hungry. Usually, they're nice people, but occasionally, you get someone who's on drugs and who is NOT acting appropriately. That's never any fun to deal with.

Anyway, MAYBE these things would make an interesting game? Or it'd just be a disjointed series of episodes, about weird/interesting things that happened to me while delivering pizza. I dunno. I'll probably try writing the script for it, when one of my other videogame projects is done. Or when I have free time.


Elizabeth Pfeffer said...

Yes you should make a game of this!

Anonymous said...

Actually, recycled numbers aren't a problem as long as you specify the building.

Abby said...

AWESOME!! You should totally make a game of this!! :)