Monday, May 23, 2016


The people on Twitter said I should get a Patreon, so I did. You can check it out here.

As you can see, I don't have any patrons yet. Maybe I'll get one someday. Having a Patreon account is free, so I guess I can keep the page up forever, just in case I get any subscribers who use that service.

I also haven't had anybody purchase my Sherlock Holmes game yet. Oh well. I wonder how long I should keep the game at its current price.

[Edit: I got my first sale on the Sherlock Holmes game! Thank you, Amberly!]


Anonymous said...

It would help to mention the page in some of your video descriptions so that people hear about it! Also a great way to get patrons is to have rewards. An easy one to start with is to put the names of everyone who donates in the credits of your videos. Then maybe people who donate more than a certain amount can pick a game to play, and I'm sure you'll think of other ideas. (If nothing else go poke around other pages and see what people have offered :D)

Jo said...

I agree with what Anonymous said. The first step is to inform your viewers that you're on Patreon and then offer something they might want to participate in.

The Youtube channel "SciShow" also works with Patreon and viewers who donate to them can ask them questions about science and then these guys will make videos explaining whatever these viewers want to know.

Stephanie said...

Unless someone other than you created the Patreon account, I wouldn't use third person in the opening paragraph, especially since the second paragraph is first person.

Jasmine Ruan said...

You should leave a link of your patreon on your youtube account like how you have a link for your twitter and this blog, i didn't even know about it until i visited this page!