Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Page Description

I see I got five comments on my blog post, about my YouTube page description! Before I look at them, let me actually try to write a page description on my own.

Making hilarious videos since 2007, Arglefumph is a family-friendly YouTuber who plays adventures games, reads books, and [insert third thing here.] Ugh, this is sounding like the start of my resume. Which looks like this:
As a graduate of Santa Clara University, interests lie in career goals with intensive analytical duties, creativity and responsibilities. Described by others as highly astute and ethical in work related assignments; an extremely motivated and dependable individual; possesses a strong work ethic and attention to detail.

Hmmm...the comments I got bring up some good points, such as "BUY MY VIDEOGAME NOW!" (thanks, Paul) and "colorful commentary for casual adventure games". Maybe I can weave all these things together.

Arglefumph has been recording videogame walkthroughs since 2007. His colorful commentary for the Nancy Drew series and other casual adventure games have gained him a solid following, with over 47 million views to date. (Is it okay for me to write that? Does it make me sound stuck-up or self-centered?) He also records book reviews and vlogs, with the help of his family members. BUY HIS VIDEOGAME NOW.

Thank you so much, everyone!


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That sounds great!

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hey Michael, would you consider doing another one of these videos?
hearing your opinions on the bad games, I was expecting Shattered Medallion to be in there, than realized the video came out before that. would you make a video lumping 29+ into the scale, or do a whole new video, or wait until MID comes out?