Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Nancy Drew TV Show

It looks like CBS has decided not to produce the Nancy Drew TV show. They decided to go with a legal drama, instead. The show's producers are now trying to find another network to pick up the show. CBS also owns Showtime and The CW, so I'm guessing the producers are going to go there first.

I wasn't overly excited about the show, since I don't know any of the actors, and the premise sounded a bit too much like a generic cop drama with the Nancy Drew license slapped onto it. Maybe it's because I just turned 30, but I don't want to see Nancy Drew as a 30-year-old. I can't be the only one who's adverse to an older Nancy Drew, given how the 1990's "Nancy Drew is college-age" reboot failed.

According to Nellie Andreeva, the show was dropped because it's "too female for CBS' schedule". That particular phrase has drawn a huge backlash, and people are decrying CBS for being sexist. I would like to know what Nellie's source is for that, because I have to believe no CBS executive is stupid/sexist enough to go around, publicly saying stuff like that. In fact, I was under the impression they were interested in the show, because they're targeting female audiences.

EDIT: The head of CBS denied that the show is "too female" for them.


Anonymous said...

I'd agree. Aside from the character names there was absolutely no similarity between this show and the source material. So, you'd be alienating people who weren't fans of the books by slapping the name on this show and alienating Nancy fans by not following the source material.
What could go wrong?!

And the "too feminine" quote just sounds like something that got said to try to make the network look bad as retaliation for the show not getting picked up. Just my opinion.

Stephanie said...

Speaking of Nancy Drew...do you (or any of the wonderful readers here) have any sense of when, or if, the game that was delayed last year will come out?
P.S.Michael, I love Cooking Fever!

Anonymous said...

They haven't announced a specific date yet for the new game. If you take a look at their facebook page, you'll see they keep saying it will be released later this year. However they did also say to expect an update sometime soon after Codes and Clues came out so hopefully we will have more information soon! :)

Anonymous said...

I was excited to hear about the show, but was slightly offended that in the name of diversity, only "women of color" were invited to audition - "white" women were excluded ... again, in the name of diversity.

Stephanie said...

Thank you anon @7:40 PM.

Anonymous said...

I had a feeling that comment was just hearsay and copy-pasted multiple times to different sites without sources. Seemed illogical for it to be made publicly by a prominent network to a fanbase comprised of mostly women.
I also agree with Anon @ 7:47 am.

I hate that most of the fandom threw themselves into a tailspin because people didn't want to look into this more(and the Her Interactive social media egged them on to continue being angry). For a group of fans that love a detective series, people sure didn't do their homework and jumped to unnecessary conclusions.

In a way, I'm glad the show didn't come into fruition. I actually feel relieved. The whole "colorblind but not colorblind" casting process annoyed me(even though I am "poc" too). As well as the "30 yr old Nancy", a dead Bess(used for a plot device no less) and
non-boyfriend Ned concepts were too weird and drastic. Although I'm not a teenager anymore, having Nancy in her teens would've been a better idea for a tv show. Also keeping the trio(Bess, George and Nancy) alive.

And as you've said already, the only thing this show had in common with the Nancy Drew franchise/central story were the names being slapped on it and nothing more. You should see what's being done to The Archie's new Riverdale show. I'm worried about that one too.