Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Nancy Drew Diaries 12: The Sign in the Smoke

Here is my review for Nancy Drew Diaries #12:

Here's a paragraph I cut out of the review, for time purposes:

'In the next chapter, the CITs arrive. Nancy's CIT is a bright and bubbly girl named Maya, and Bess is all, "I will call her mini-me". The CITs include a Mini-Bess, a Mini-George and a Mini-Nancy, which is a fun idea, but outside of this chapter, we won't see much of them. I find it interesting that Mini-Nancy is preppy, super-organized and takes notes about everything. Great description of eight-year-old Nancy Drew, but this book's narrator? Not so much. Seriously, Nancy hasn't used notebooks in decades.'

I also wanted to talk a bit about the end, where Nancy's flashlight goes out, leaving her in the dark woods. Her reaction is to scream "Succotash!" really loudly. I was going to compare it unfavorably to the flashlight scene from the second book. 1930 Nancy Drew is so much braver than modern Nancy Drew sometimes.

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Elizabeth Pfeffer said...

With the book reviews that you do Michael I find that I enjoy the earlier Nancy Drew books then the one that came out in the 80's and 90's. Having read some myself I enjoy them more when I read the Nancy Drew on Campus book I didn't care for the romance aspect of the book. I could care less about it I wanted more of the mystery, also I got really annoyed with Nancy always falling in love with the first guy she meets that really gets on my nerves!