Thursday, May 12, 2016

Message In a Haunted Mansion Seance

I'm working on Everything Wrong with Message in a Haunted Mansion. I thought of, like, five questions about how the various hauntings occurred, since the game doesn't go too in-depth with its explanation. (Probably for the best. An explanation would detract from the mystery!)

We learn that [character] is responsible for all the hauntings. They have hidden cameras and microphones all over the house. That's how they played scary sound effects, when Nancy walked around. That makes sense. But what about the shadows and slamming doors? Were those on automatic timers? Did [character] just sneak around and do those things to creep Nancy out? I feel like SOME of the hauntings must have been on automatic sensors, because they happen even when it's late at night, when all the characters are sleeping. (Also when that character is out of the house.)

The big one that people ask about is the moving phoenix table leg. How did THAT trick work?

Also, there's the séance. It's at 7:45 of this video.

We get a look under the séance table after this. There is a fog machine, which feeds directly into the crystal ball. That explains how that worked. There's also an audio tape, which has the audio footage of the spooky ghost. Problem: there's no tape player! Nancy has to take the tape upstairs to another room, before she can hear what's on it. So how was [character] able to play the tape during the séance?

I also don't know how the piano played during the séance. Maybe it's a player piano set on a timer? The glass breaking also doesn't get explained.

There is a projector under the séance table, which explains how the ghost appeared in the glass window. We later learn it's a one-way mirror, which kind of explains how you can project stuff onto it and have it reflect back. But the projector is totally at the wrong angle to reach that mirror. It's also facing the wrong wall.

I'm left to presume that the projector and tape player got moved, in the time between the séance ending and Nancy looking under the séance table. That's one explanation, anyway.


Anonymous said...

Um, I don't know if other people know, but a seance is really dangerous. Like the same kind of dangerous as a Ouija board, because it is used to contact spirits of the dead, but the devil and his demons use those practices to get closer to humans. That is why it is dangerous for people, even in a playful way, to get involved with the stuff of the occult. So, Michael, you would be better off not playing that game. If people want to make fun of people, who avoid this kind of stuff, let them. Just wanted to let you know, because Christians are not always informed about these things by their pastors or priests. Take care.

Aaron M. Fugate said...

^I'm pretty sure he's played the game about a million times by now. One playing of it in particular is a big reason that he's famous as a YouTuber.

I also am a Christian, and while I understand having a healthy fear of Satanic influences, I don't have a problem with this game because it makes it clear that the entire seance was manufactured and fake.

Anonymous said...

The point I am trying to make is that even if it is fake, I don't think the devil and the demons really care about that. They just are always looking for a chance to get closer to humans. And that is about it. Take care.

Anonymous said...

I grew up Catholic and that religion doesnt mind sceances and paranormal stuff. I guess that is why 99% of all ghost movies and haunted tv shows involve Catholic people.