Monday, May 16, 2016

Haunted Mansion Hauntings

I'm thinking of making a video which shows off all the hauntings, in Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion. I have seventeen different hauntings recorded, but according to the Internet, there are two that I'm missing.

#1. Hallway lights flickering
#2. A chair in the foyer (the red one by the door to the parlor) rises up

Are these scenes actually in this game? Has anyone seen them? Does anyone know how to trigger them? Because if not, I'll post my hauntings video as it is now.


Emily said...

I've seen the chair rise up. I think it happens at random when you zoom in on that area. At least I never noticed a pattern to when it happened.

Never seen the hallway lights flicker though.

Anonymous said...

To my understanding there is some random effects in that game, those might be some of them.

And although I have never played it, is the GBA version of the game relevant at all?

Anonymous said...

The couple times I remember playing MHM the lights would flicker in the room where Rose is, and also in the parlor too. I've never heard of the chair rising up, that's scary as heck