Sunday, May 1, 2016

DS9 Season 1, Epsidoes 15-20

"Progress" is another episode I disliked. Good thing I watched these episodes out of order, because that's four in a row. The premise is that a farmer needs to be evacuated from the planet, because of a flood or something. Kira visits him and tries to convince him to leave. It is about thirty minutes of her, talking to a jerky farmer.

In the subplot, Jake and Nog get trapped in a trading sequence, and they try really hard to break even. I liked that story, although it's weird to have two Jake and Nog episodes in a row. This is pretty much the only time we see them, I think.

"If Wishes Were Horses" had an interesting concept. The characters' thoughts come to life! Sort of like a holodeck episode...okay, exactly like a holodeck episode. Still, it was funny. Dr. Bashir was fantasizing about Dax, and it was awkward/hilarious when Fantasy Dax started pawing all over him while real Dax watched. The story made a nice transition from humorous and playful to a more serious disaster, and overall, I enjoyed it. More than the previous episodes, definitely.

"The Forsaken" is about Deanna Troi's mother visiting the station and developing a huge crush on Odo. I was expecting it to be more like the episode, where she has a crush on Captain Picard (which was amazing), but this one went for a more serious story. I remember liking the episode, but I can't remember anything about it that stands out in particular.

"Dramatis Personae" is about Klingons, and no, wait, it's not. Have you seen the Netflix episode descriptions? They're clearly written by someone who only watched the first thirty seconds of the episode. It's really hard to tell what the episode is like, based on these inaccurate descriptions.

Anyway, the story is that everyone starts acting oddly, and there's a big mutiny onboard, as Kira tries to take control. The end explains this as a "telepathic infection", which caused our characters to take on different personalities and re-enact a big fight.

"Duet" is an extremely serious episode, about a war camp. Kira may or may not have captured the man who ran a horrible war camp, and she's determined to bring him to justice / find out the truth about what REALLY happened. There are several well-done plot twists, and it's a powerful parallel to the Holocaust.

"In the Hands of the Prophets" starts off with a "science versus religion" conflict, over what's appropriate to teach in school. It goes back to the god-aliens in the pilot. Do you treat them like gods, or do you treat them like aliens? That could make for a good debate, but predictably, the show takes the one-sided viewpoint of "science is great and wonderful, while religion is for stupid, superstitious idiots". They at least try to put Commander Sisko in the role of a neutral third party, but it doesn't take very long before he brings up Galileo, in order to make the Catholic Church look bad. Apparently, people are STILL going to bring that up, hundreds of years from now.

So, yeah, the episode's premise alienated me. Pardon the pun. But I was able to compartmentalize my feelings and put them aside; I enjoyed the episode after that. The conflict is interesting, and it introduces a great new villain. The villain is the highlight of the episode, actually! I really want to see her again, even if she's an obvious metaphor for corrupt Catholic cardinals.

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