Friday, May 6, 2016

Cooking Fever

I've gotten sucked into Cooking Fever, one of those apps where you cook food and serve it to customers. Your goal is to make a lot of money, so you can unlock new types of food. If you make enough money, you can buy a new restaurant and start the whole cycle over again.

Each restaurant has about...30-40 different upgrades you can buy. I've got four different restaurants opened now, although only one of them is almost done.

I'm at the point where I more or less cruise through the game, without playing it. See, the daily bonus gives out 900 coins and 2 gems (the premium currency). And most/all of the upgrades I need require gems. So right now, I have to log on each day, get my two gems, then quit. Keep that going for a week or so, and I'll have enough gems to start buying stuff.

Each restaurant has a daily payout, too. I think they give you more, depending on how many upgrades you've gotten. So I get 1,554 from daily payouts, in addition to the 900.

I like the game! It's just that now it's a better use of my time to not play it, so I can get all the upgrades. I'm sure I'll eventually hit the wall where every available upgrade is, like, 15 gems, so it's not as worthwhile to play for a week, for one minor upgrade.


Abby said...

Hey Arglefumph! Captain America: Civil War came out today! Thoughts? Are you going to see it? Which side are you on?

Michael Gray said...

I'm on Captain America's side, because I've never seen any of the movies with Iron Man. I'm sure my wife and I will see the movie eventually.

Cil said...

Hey Michael,

If your decision hasn't been made yet (and you are not generally unhappy with it), please continue Edgeworth's game. Your let's plays were one of the reasons I originally came to the AA-fandom and they are always just so much fun to watch.

Speaking of Edgeworth and Ace Attorney, were they more like "strictly business" for you or is (or was) it primarily fun for you over the years since you started them? Are you interested in AA6 for that matter (both for yourself and your channel)?

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