Sunday, May 8, 2016

Cooking - Burritos

I haven't talked about cooking on this blog for a while, since I haven't done any new recipes for months. I keep meaning to go through my recipe books to find new recipes to try out, but I haven't found the time.

This past week, the grocery store had chuck steak on sale. A pound for two dollars and thirty cents! That is a major deal, right? I couldn't pass it up, even though I never used chuck steak before.

Turns out that chuck steak is normally used for pot roast, which I don't like very much. So I tried a Mexican recipe instead! You take the chuck steak and season it. I used garlic salt and pepper, whereas in Mexico, they use spicier things like peppers.

Then, you put it a skillet and cover the entire thing with water. Put a lid on, then simmer it for a half hour. Cut the meat into pieces, then put it back in the skillet and simmer for another half hour. At this point, I added generic burrito seasoning.

The burritos ended up tasting pretty good. My wife says it was very good, because chuck steak is usually bad quality. I liked making a more authentic-style burrito, even if it took a long time. Maybe I'll cook it again someday. And maybe someday, I'll cook the cubed beef burritos I loved so much in college. I keep checking the supermarket, but I can't find cubed beef. I probably have to cube it myself. :(


Anonymous said...

dicing meat is a matter of 5 minutes :)

Anonymous said...

I've missed the cooking updates! Keep cooking!