Saturday, May 7, 2016

Ace Attorney Question

I got this question of my blog yesterday!

Hey Michael,

If your decision hasn't been made yet (and you are not generally unhappy with it), please continue Edgeworth's game. Your let's plays were one of the reasons I originally came to the AA-fandom and they are always just so much fun to watch.

Speaking of Edgeworth and Ace Attorney, were they more like "strictly business" for you or is (or was) it primarily fun for you over the years since you started them? Are you interested in AA6 for that matter (both for yourself and your channel)?

Short answer: I would love to do it, but I can't do it anytime soon.

Long answer: You might know that I started Edgeworth Case 2 in December. But then I got distracted by a similar game, Aviary Attorney, and I got distracted by Pokémon Yellow. All three of those games are long and (sadly) not very popular with my YouTube audience. I tried to rotate playing those three games, but the results weren't so good. There was at least a three month gap, before I finally finished Edgeworth Case Two.

Currently, I'm trying to finish Pokémon Yellow via livestream. If I try to do an hour of the game each week, it will take me...well, it'll probably still be many months before I'm done, but at least this way, Pokémon won't clog up my video release schedule and stonewall the 99% of my subscribers who don't like the game for weeks on end.

I think the Edgeworth game would be perfect for this once a week livestream strategy. I'm thinking of doing that, once I'm done with Pokémon Yellow. There are some other walkthroughs I have that didn't work in the short video format, but which could work in the long video format. Fire Emblem?

Also hanging over my head is the video walkthrough I did for the iPad version of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. That's a game by the same author as the original Phoenix Wright trilogy. It is 74 videos long, though! It'll take a long time to post, so I keep delaying it and delaying it. The walkthrough was finished in 2012, for the record. I need to post it some day!

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