Thursday, April 7, 2016

Three Things Thursday: Popular Videos

Sometimes, I have a video explode in popularity for unknown reasons. The video gets a lot of a views, but none of the viewers leave any comments. So I'm left wondering what happened.

First is this video for Fire Emblem Fates Conquest, Chapter Five. In the past month, it has gotten more views than my videos for Chapters 1-4 and Chapter 6, put together. I don't know why people are watching this video in particular, but not the others.

Same with this Majora's Mask video. It has 37,000 views, when all the other videos in the walkthrough average about 9,000 views. The video is from 2010, but it started picking up steam last year.

I had no idea what was going on, until Joseph Martin from GameCola clued me in. The surge in popularity coincides with the 3DS remake of the game. For the remake, they updated/changed this particular challenge. Hopefully, they also updated/changed the "you just lost 100% of your progress" feature which kicks in at the very start of the game and punishes new players for not knowing how to do the moon tear trading sequences ahead of time.

Finally, Professor Garfield, which currently gets 12,000 views a year. This video consistently gets a ton of views. Last year, it was my seventh most watched video; this year, it's number four.

Once it started getting popular, it took me six months to figure out why. This video got put on a standard elementary school syllabus; teachers are showing it to their classes as an educational video, like I'm Bill Nye the Science Guy or something. I only figured this out, because 1-2 kids left comments, complaining about how their teacher forced them to watch the video in school.

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Paul said...

That third one makes me so, so happy. You're on a school curriculum somewhere!! Imagine if Mary ends up in a class that uses it.