Monday, April 4, 2016

Portland Hockey

Portland's hockey team had a rough end to their season this year.

The "make it or break it" point was March 12th. The team was two points away from the last playoff spot. All they had to do was win one more game, to make the playoffs. There were five games left in the season, so they had plenty of chances to win a game and make the playoffs.

The Winterhawks proceeded to lose five games in a row.

The good news is that they still made the playoffs! In Round One, they played against Everett, where they lost four games in a row.

I only saw the last two games, myself. I'd say about half of the time, it was decent and exciting; both teams were playing equally well. About a quarter of the time, Portland played really badly, and it was painful. And there was also a stretch of ten minutes or so, where Portland was on fire, and they were so dominant that the other team didn't have a chance. Everyone in the audience loved those parts.

So, Portland had a below-average performance to round out the year, but it's not anything to be super-ashamed about, because for the most part, they were neck-and-neck. I've definitely seen worse playoff runs, like the 2014 San Jose Sharks. The Sharks rolled over and died in the playoffs that year, and it's historic levels of awful, because they're only the fourth team in history to lose that badly in the playoffs.

This year is the first time they've made the playoffs, since then. Let's hope they don't lose that badly again.

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