Saturday, April 2, 2016

Peril in Pemberley

An anonymous commenter asked about Miss Clue: Peril in Pemberley. What are my thoughts on the game?

I'd say the game is merely okay. The main problem is that it involves a lot of wandering around, because it's not clear what you have to do next. The game would be instantly improved, if there was a hint system or something to indicate where to go next. More than once, I was forced to search every single area of the game, looking for the one tiny trigger which caused the game to progress.

For me, the worst part was the scene in the Lantern. The trigger for this is the horseshoe. You give the horseshoe to the maid, then you leave the estate and return later. The maid tells you who the horseshoe belongs to. There is absolutely no clue or indication of what you're supposed to after this. I guessed that I was supposed to talk to the horseshoe's owner, which seems like a reasonable assumption to make under the circumstances.

But no, you have to go to the Lantern, a completely unrelated area. You need to go up the stairs. One of the steps squeaks. Now that's what I call a tiny, easily overlooked event!

I guessed that I was supposed to look at the squeaky step, since you can now zoom in on it and look at it from multiple angles. Nope! You're supposed to leave the area and come back later (again). This time, the step doesn't squeak. You can zoom in on it to notice that there's a note there.

In my walkthrough, I tried to do this part as quickly as possible, but it still required a lot of running around, as you would expect when "go away and come back later" is the solution multiple times in a row. This would have been so much better if they had a short line of dialogue like, "I should leave and return here later".

In the game's defense, maybe it was originally planned to be a segmented, episodic game like the others, and these would have been in separate segments. That would have helped a bit. It's more logical for there to be something new in the Lantern, because you're now on Episode 10, compared to "there is something new in the Lantern, because you had an unrelated conversation about a horseshoe".

So that's my main beef with the game: it follows an unclear sequence of events, and there's a lot of wandering around, even if you do things as quickly as possible.

I'm also kind of mad at a bad continuity error, at the end. To avoid spoilers, I'll use Batman names. Remember the scene where Bruce Wayne talks to Batman? The end of the game reveals that Bruce Wayne is Batman. That's impossible, because Bruce Wayne and Batman are two totally different people; we saw both of them talking to each other earlier. But the game apparently forgot about that scene. I didn't forget, and it annoyed me.


Anonymous said...

I wish I liked the Miss Clue games better. The fact that she's Elizabeth and Darcy's daughter is kind of random, but I liked that it was set in the 1800s. All of the running around and not doing anything was exasperating though. Maybe they will improve with the next games.

Anonymous said...

THank you for responding to my request ! : ) The horseshoe / lantern bit was where I lost steam too. Also that step was really hard to find where to click to zoom in on.

I think they do Jane Darcy because it is public domain and easier to market than making up someone new.

Also I felt all the women had the same face: the tavern lady, the housemaid and if I recall the younger woman who sat in the sitting room. It was also the face used for the woman in their Halloween game.

I think the series has potential. I liked how the game was put together, it did not feel like an endless stream of minigames, you actually felt you were doing things that made sense in real life. If they can get over the bad programming, I am looking forward to future episodes!

allsubstance said...

Thank you; I believe you just saved me $20! I wasn't going to watch all your videos til the end because I wanted to play the game for myself, but some of the issues you had with this one are kind of the same issues I had playing online Miss Clue versions.

For instance, there are all those scenes where you have to leave the area and come back to the same one for what felt like, to me, stupid reasons, 18 times just to advance the story line. While I enjoyed some parts, the constant back and forth to the same areas got on my nerves.

I love the look of the Pemberley game though: that may make me buy it in spite of myself later.