Monday, April 11, 2016

Nancy is the Culprit, Chapter 3

Nancy smiled as she and Mattie walked through the hallways of Worldwide Broadcasting. It was so much fun being in a TV studio! And getting a personal tour from a famous TV star? How many other people got to enjoy that experience?

"--Pictures of our best actors," Mattie was saying, waving her hand towards the walls.

The walls had huge, life-sized pictures of actors. She recognized Mattie and Rick Arlen, of course, then there was some woman with glasses, an older man with gray hair, and...

Nancy stopped short. "Is that Tom Selleck?" she gasped.

"Yes, he works here," Mattie said.

"Can I meet him?" Nancy asked. "Please please please?"

"Sure," Mattie said. "His office is on the third floor."

In less than five minutes, Nancy was standing face-to-face with her idol.

"Yes?" he asked.

"Hi, Mr. Selleck! I'm Nancy Drew!" Nancy said. "I loved watching Magnum P.I. in the 80's!"

Tom looked confused. " old are you?"

"Eighteen," Nancy said. "I've been a teenager ever since I started my detective career in 1930!"

Tom was polite enough after that, but he excused himself as soon as he possible could. Nancy could recognize that he was brushing her off.

Nancy grit her teeth. So, the people at WWB didn't believe her, huh? Well, she'd show them! She'd show them what it meant to offend Nancy Drew!

Rick Arlen was the network's biggest star, right? Then he was her target. She would arrange for Rick to have a little "accident" with a kleig light...

"Can I see the set you'll be filming on today?" Nancy asked innocently.

"Sure," Mattie said.


Stripes said...

I've been a teenager ever since I started my detective career in 1930, lol.

The Red Wolf said...

This story's too funny LOL