Saturday, April 16, 2016

Livestreams (Again)

I feel bad about the three failed livestreams in a row last week. But going back to Google Hangouts worked great for livestreaming! I mostly like it, because it gives a countdown to when the stream starts. I bet real streamers care about things like the chat and the picture quality, but not me! I like seeing numbers.

So to make up for last week, I did three livestreams this week. And they didn't fail!

Mary and I liked both games. We'll have to put them on the "to buy" list. But should I make a point of buying them / playing them as soon as I can, or should I finish my backlog first?


Elizabeth Pfeffer said...

It's up to you Michael I would clear out your backlog first before doing any more new games. I would like to know what games you have on your backlog. Also I see that you did the beta for the new Dark Parbles game maybe you could do the beta for the new Mystery Case Files game called Broken Hour it's a whole new story.

SumoBro Gaming said...

Yeah, do Broken Hour. Here's the link to the beta. It is REALLY fun!