Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Land Before Time: Unwatchable Episodes

There are two episodes of the Land Before Time TV show that aren't on DVD. So, tragically, I won't be able to review them.

Hold back your tears.

First is The Big Longneck Test, which is a followup to the tenth movie. "Have characters from a movie come back for an episode" is a pretty standard plot in this TV series. The premise is that Littlefoot's father gives Littlefoot a test, to see if he can lead a herd of longnecks. Meanwhile, Shorty (the kid from that movie) takes the others somewhere.

Second is The Hidden Canyon. The kids discover a canyon full of addictive fruit, and they lie to the adults about it. Carnivores show up, and the kids are forced to tell the truth, because the addictive fruit is poisonous to carnivores. Our heroes get rid of the carnivores by throwing the fruit into their mouths, which sounds an awful lot like forced poisoning to me.

I've got one more TV show DVD left, and then I'm done with this review series that literally no one asked for!

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Mary Alvin said...

I enjoyed the review, though no one asked :)