Monday, April 25, 2016

Group Membership

Something I've been wondering about is how much you can disagree with a group, while still being a member of the group.

With politics right now, the bar seems to be set pretty high. If you disagree with a political party on an issue, even a relatively minor one, they tend to attack and denounce you. It's like both parties want 100% compliance.

At least, it feels that way to me. I disagree with the Democrats and the Republicans about a third of the time, I agree with them about a third of the time, and about a third of the time, I'm neutral. That's not good enough for them; both parties say I'm an outsider to them.

So I wonder if there's a magical percentage. Like, if you agree with the group 80% of the time, you're a member. If you agree with them 70% of the time, you're not. Does that exist?

There are probably some non-negotiables, as well. Like, you agree with the group on 99% of all topics, but you disagree on one, crucial topic, therefore, they don't want you.

I also wonder about this, when it comes to religion. I've met Catholics who don't agree with the Catholic Church's views on God, morality, the Bible, priests, etc., etc. At some point, I have to wonder how and why these people are still Catholic, when it seems like they're opposed to pretty much everything the Church teaches.

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