Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Facebook, Part 2

Okay, people seem to agree that my Facebook Page should be listed as "Entertainment". What sub-category?

  • Album
  • Amateur Sports Team
  • Book
  • Book Series
  • Book Store
  • Concert Tour
  • Concert Venue
  • Fictional Character
  • Library
  • Magazine
  • Movie
  • Movie Character
  • Movie Studio
  • Movie Theater
  • Music Award
  • Music Chart
  • Music Video
  • Performance Art
  • Radio Station
  • Record Label
  • School Sports Team
  • Song
  • Sports League
  • Sports Team
  • Sports Venue
  • Theatrical Play
  • TV Channel
  • TV Network
  • TV Show
  • TV/Movie Award

None of those seem to fit very well. I looked for better sub-category matches in the other categories. "Public Figure" has "entertainer" and "producer" as sub-categories, while "Brand or product" has "website" and "videogame" as sub-categories.

Edit: I'll probably ask my wife, if us blog-types can't come to a consensus.


Emily said...

Maybe public figure/entertainer?
You play video games but you aren't a walking video game. :-P

Anonymous said...

Its funny that a social media platform doesnt have a Social Media Personality category : )

I think the best would be Artist, Band or Public Figure and the sub category Blogger, because your youtube stuff are Video Blogs. I think that is the closest thing to Social Media Personality that FB has.

Entertainment category seems to be more talking about the entertainment product (song, TV show, movie character etc) as opposed to the Creator (which is Artist, Band, Public Figure)

You are a content creator, not a show.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried looking for examples of otherYoutubers? You can't be the first one to make a Facebook page.