Saturday, April 9, 2016

Everything Wrong With Stay Tuned for Danger

Here is my "Everything Wrong With" video for the second Nancy Drew game.

Here are three problems that didn't make it into the video:

1. Game #1 is based on Book #1. Game #2 is based on Book 17.
2. According to the dialogue, this game takes place directly after the first one. But that game took place in May, and this game takes place in November. (Maybe I was wrong about when that game takes place? But the calendar at Maxine's clearly shows a 31-day month, so it can't have been in November, at least.)
3. "Here's a copy of the house keys." Nancy only uses the one key to open the front door. What do the other keys unlock?
4. Dwayne has massive debt problems, but he still refuses to accept new clients.
5. Magazine in the opening cutscene misspells "stardom" as "stardome"


Emily said...

I never understood why Dwayne was so insistent about not taking on new clients. I assumed he wasn't answering his door because he was avoiding debt collectors but he explicitly tells Nancy at one point that he doesn't want to take on new people which doesn't make sense with the rest of the story.

The Red Wolf said...

In Herinteractive's defense, it was only their second game so, of course, there were still rough spots like those fake pictures and Mattie's physical appearance, but it was way better than the first version of the first game. And it's good that they got a new voice actress for George because it doesn't make sense for Nancy to be talking to herself.

I agonized over that locked desk drawer in Mattie's apartment. I wish they had fixed that.

But, I do agree that their games (even their more advanced one) have issues. I like these videos!