Saturday, April 30, 2016

DS9 Season 1, Epsidoes 8-14

"Dax" is an interesting episode, which explores the relationship between Jadzia Dax and Curzon Dax. Jadzia gets put on trial for Curzon's crimes, and there's a lot of discussion about her symbiotic nature. It reminds me a lot of the Next Gen episode, where Data was put on trial to determine if he counts as a unique species. It's interesting world-building, but there's not a lot of meat to this episode, besides that high-falutin' philosophy stuff.

Also, it kind of annoys me that Dax refused to tell the truth about the murder, until the end. Maybe I've played too many Phoenix Wright games, where the client keeps things a secret without a really good reason.

"The Passenger" was a good episode, where a super-clever criminal fakes his own death and takes over the station. Dr. Bashir got a chance to do some grandiose acting here, which was a nice change of pace!

"Move Along Home" is basically "Jumanji" (which came out two years later). Four of the characters get trapped inside a deadly board game, and they must beat the game in order to live! In this case, "deadly" board game means "they solve hopscotch puzzles". No, I'm not joking. I liked this episode, but the Internet tells me that it is widely hated. True, it's very silly and light-hearted compared to the rest of the series, but I still liked it.

"The Nagus" introduces Grand Nagus Zek, who instantly became my family's favorite character. It's the villain from "The Princess Bride", only now he's been promoted to King. Great actor, great character, I loved it so much, I skipped ahead in the series to watch the other episodes with this character. (And I accidentally stumbled upon Kira, pregnant with O'Brien's baby. WHAT? Also, Worf. Hey, Worf. You're on this show, too?)

The episode was great. My only real complaint would be that the Nagus doesn't say anything for the first quarter of the episode, to give him an air of mysteriousness. I didn't like that, partially because I already knew what his personality was like, and that's the best part of his character! He's hilarious when he's plotting and scheming, but not so interesting, if he's just being quiet and hiding in shadows.

"The Vortex" is another episode where the first quarter is good, but the rest sort of fell flat. There is a criminal named Croden, who gets involved with a murder at Quark's. At first, it seems like we're going to have a mystery, figuring out who was killed and why. Then the story shifts, so it's all about Odo. Croden claims to be the only person in existence who has been to Odo's home world, and he more or less badgers Odo into taking him there. It turns out that Croden is lying; he was making up excuses, so he could reach his long-lost daughter. Poor Odo, not getting to meet his own family.

"Battle Lines" is about Kai Opaka, who is basically the Pope of the planet. We haven't seen her since the pilot, so I kind of forgot all about her. Anyway, our heroes crash land on a planet, in the middle of a war. The twist is that nobody can die on this planet, so this war has been going on for decades. Our heroes try to broker a peace, but they're unsuccessful.

The episode seems kind of long and drawn-out, because there's no resolution to the war conflict. Also, there is about ten minutes of O'Brien and Dax in a spaceship, trying to get everyone off the planet, through the use of technobabble. The ending with Kai Opaka deciding to stay on the war-torn planet was probably the best part.

"The Storyteller" makes three episodes in a row that I don't like! Sad. The storyline is that O'Brien is mistakenly elected as a religious leader, and the main message is "Ha ha, all religious people are superstitious idiots!". Definitely not a good follow-up to an episode with a kind and generous Pope figure, and besides, it's a story we've seen before in other Star Treks. There was also a fair amount of technobabble--O'Brien is a magnet for that stuff--so I pretty much skipped over those parts. The other storyline is about the boys, Jake and Nog, both getting a crush on the same girl. That part was okay.

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