Sunday, April 17, 2016


I actually made some progress with my videogame walkthrough backlog recently! Here are the games that are left:
  • Awakening 7 (already recorded)
  • Grammar Games (already recorded)
  • Pepper's Adventures in Time
  • Book of Legends
  • Spy Fox: Some Assembly Required
  • Nancy Drew DS
  • Spy Fox: Operation Ozone
  • Miles Edgeworth 2, Case 3
  • Pokémon Yellow
  • Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (already recorded)
The last three are the tricky ones, because they are super long games. As I've discovered, juggling multiple long games does not work. What inevitably happens is that one of the games gets ignored. In this case, it was the Edgeworth game. I did the first block of videos for that in December, and the next two blocks are going up this month. It'll bring us to the end of Case 2.

So I'm thinking that I should either finish the Edgeworth game completely (and put Pokémon on hold), or finish Pokémon completely (and put Edgeworth on hold). Or I could cancel one/both projects. Maybe I could just livestream the rest of Pokémon or something, to get through it more quickly. Having hour-long videos is one way of decreasing the number of videos in a playlist...


Sandra Lee said...

Edgeworth is definitely an A+ game so in my opinion, pokemon should be put on hold for it :))

Anonymous said...

Michael, check this out! Someone made a Rube Goldberg machine themed after Nancy Drew and Arglefumph!

Miss. Cellaneous said...

Ooo, ooo! Are you going to play Bravely Second? I've already finished it, and it is AMAZING!! If possible, I would LOVE to watch a blind playthrough of it from you :) I can already imagine your reactions to some of the plot twists and mechanics ^.^