Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Videogame Projects

My wife has two artist friends who need work. I figured I would be a good husband and hire them to do artwork for a videogame project, only I don't have any projects I'm working on that need art.

So I reached into my bag of videogame ideas and pulled out two projects, one for each artist.

#1 was Trapped in a Soap Opera. I wrote three pages of this script on a whim in October. I went back to the script and wrote three 5-6 page soap opera plotlines for it: an adultery story, an evil double story, and a kidnapping a bride story.

I'm not sure if I want to move ahead with this project, because I'm not sure if the script is funny, or if it makes sense to people who don't watch soap operas. The whole thing might come off as one weird in-joke. That's where the project stands now: I've got a script which I'm not sure I can use, and I'm not sure how to rewrite it for the general public.

I keep meaning to have my wife read the script, so she can mark off anything which is weird, confusing or unfunny. It's been a few weeks, and I still haven't sent it to her.

#2 was The Worst High School Reunion Ever, which is a murder/escape room game, kind of like the Zero Escape series. The premise is that a villain wants revenge on everyone they went to high school with. So they kidnapped ten people and locked them in the school, forcing them to solve puzzles in order to survive. Not my usual writing fare, I know.

The puzzles are themed around who solves them. The English student gets an English-themed puzzle, the math student gets a math puzzle, the business student has a business puzzle, and so on. I wrote a puzzle for all ten characters, and the scene where the villain first talks to them. I also programmed the entire thing, with placeholder artwork.

Now I'm on the fence about the project. I feel like it needs a complete rewrite, because it doesn't get interesting until 20% of the way through, when the other ten characters show up. Also, in general, the story follows the first Zero Escape game way too closely, so it feels more like uncreative plagiarism than its own story. I'm trying to think of a way to rewrite the story and salvage it, maybe by having the other characters there from the very start? If not, If that's not possible, I can try to recycle the puzzles for another game.

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