Sunday, March 6, 2016

Upcoming Schedule

My YouTube release schedule is getting changed, because, like, three games I want to play just came out recently! Those would be new games in the Living Legends and Shadow Wolf series. The walkthroughs I've done for those series have been popular in the past. Or, at least, they earned enough money to cover the cost of buying the game. That's a success, in my book!

So, next week is Pokémon Yellow and the end of Aviary Attorney. Then I'll play Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Curse of Wolfhill. Then the new Living Legends game, then Mystery Tales: Her Own Eyes. I haven't played those last three games yet, so I have no idea how long they are.

I haven't played Mystery Tales before. It seems okay, if a little generic, but it's apparently been quite a popular game, so I figured I'd give it a try.


Anonymous said...

As a huge Pokemon fan, I can't wait!

If you didn't know, this is probably one of the best years to be a Pokemon fan. They just re-released Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yelow on the 3DS EShop, and announced a new game (Sun and Moon) coming out in December. This is the 20th anniversary of Pokemon, so the company is going full out.

Over the years, the company released a number of event-exclusive Pokemon--that is, you couldn't get it unless you were at an event. That kinda stinks, and it results with only a handful of people having it. For every month of this year, they are giving away those exclusive pokemon for free!

On top of that, they're running dozens of really cool events (online and in location) that are really fun.

So this is a pretty timely time to start a Pokemon walkthrough. Good luck!

Michael Gray said...

I heard something about legendary Pokémon, but I have no idea what they are! I know pretty much nothing about the series, as my walkthrough proves beyond a shadow of a doubt.