Friday, March 11, 2016

Three States

Some of things I wrote about in Cat President keep happening in this election cycle. It's crazy!

One joke I made is that only three states matter, in Presidential elections. That's because the game only covers what happens in the first three voting states (Meowa, New Clawshire, South Catolina). The game would be super-long, if it covered all fifty states.

In real life, only about seven states matter: Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, Ohio, Virginia, Florida and New Hampshire. The other forty-three states have voted the exact same way in every single election this century. Those are considered "safe states", because we already know who's going to win them.

Some political folks have an even narrower view and say only three states matter: Ohio, Virginia and Florida. That's because they're the biggest battleground states, and if someone wins them, they can lose the other four and still be President.

So, yeah! Only three states matter in the election! Cat President got that right, even if it's wrong about which three states.

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