Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Stump the Trump

Today is Super Tuesday, a big day for politics! A lot of people I know are concerned about Donald Trump becoming the Republican candidate. Right now, Trump tends to get 30-40% of the vote, with the remaining 70-60% being split among 5+ candidates. To my knowledge, there are two ways to Stump the Trump.

#1. Have every candidate, besides one, drop out of the race. It becomes a competition between Trump and Not Trump. That gives Not Trump the best chance of winning, because all the Not Trump votes, added together, make more than 50%.

#2. Have every candidate stay in the race. We keep going, with the votes being split up among the various candidates. If the votes are split up evenly enough, nobody will get the 1,237 delegates needed to win. This leads to a situation known as a "brokered convention", where there is no clear winner. So they pick a winner a different way.

I find it interesting that the two ways to stop Trump are near opposite. Either everyone stays in, or everyone drops out. I'm sure things will be interesting when the results from today's votes come in!


Anonymous said...

If someone drops out, can they choose to give their delegates to someone? What happens to those delegates? Maybe if people drop out one by one they can give their delegates to non trump

Morgan Mckeyne said...

OH MY GOSH YESSSS!!! These are exactly my thoughts, written out. Thumbs up! XD