Friday, March 18, 2016

Speedrun Stuff

My speedrun for Awakening: The Dreamless Castle made the front page of Speed Demos Archive this week. Here's what they had to say!

Speaking of, Awakening: The Dreamless Castle from 2010 represents an already-long-running series by oddball developer Big Fish Games (strictly speaking Big Fish Studios) whose massive oeuvre is centered around casual and mobile gaming, which is probably why it's so massive. It's the first of seven such titles heavy in sundry puzzles and lush hand-painted panoramas that will elicit the same dazzled wonderment the Kyrandia series did in those who share my memories of it. RNG is ever-present and fast solutions require unfloundering mouse usage, hence the segmented-ness of the 0:25:32 by Michael 'arglefumph' Gray of Nancy Drew fame. In verification he said something about doing some pirate game next... but I really don't know what he meant. STILL... be hype!

I guess this means I should do a speedrun of a pirate game next? I don't know what pirate game to do.

Because their processing times are weird, SDA's next submission from me is for Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness. That's kind of a pirate game! I don't have any other games in the SDA queue, and I kinda deleted my under five minutes run for the first game off of my computer.

A semi-related question: with my speedruns, I tend to upload a version with commentary and a version without commentary. I haven't kept the titles consistent. Any suggestions as to the best way to label them? I'm leaning towards "speedrun without commentary" for videos without commentary, and just plain "speedrun" for ones with commentary.

In general, I'm moving away from doing speedruns, since they take a lot of effort. I'll probably have the "Everything Wrong With Nancy Drew Games" series as my vague backup project.


Kevin Chittenden said...

I think that Nancy Drew Ransom of the Seven Ships would be more "pirate like" then Sea of Darkness. Also, I personally like the speedruns with commentary more because you point out the little details that save the most time.

Simo Vihinen said...

Hahaha! I've put the press on you big time haven't I? But it really was you who mentioned a pirate game in the veri thread :o

Good luck with whatever you do!