Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sharks Game

I'm in San Jose for Easter, and I saw the Sharks play the Edmonton Oilers on Thursday. The Sharks have extended their four-game playoff cushion to a seven-game cushion, so unless they totally screw up, they're making the playoffs this year!

The bad news is they totally screwed up in the game I saw.

The first period was good, and the Sharks did well. But they forgot to show up, during the second period. Edmonton got four goals on eight shots, and when one team scores half the time, they're pretty much guaranteed to win. While this happened, the Sharks got no shots in ten minutes.

The team kind of came back in the third period, but not really, they lost six to three. On a positive note, it was Star Wars night that night, and that was a lot of fun. The video editing people made it look like the hockey players had lightsabers and stuff.

Tonight, the Sharks have the ability to clinch a playoff spot. Let's hope they get it!

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