Thursday, March 3, 2016

Secrets Can Kill Videos

Lots of Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill videos this week! Everything Wrong With and two speedruns!

I have a video of all the Daryl conversations and all the jukebox music. Those'll go up later this week. If the video of Daryl's conversations is popular, I'll consider doing one for all the other characters.


Anonymous said...

85. Daryl wears a crummy old t-shirt to his customer service job. Why doesn't a vintage-themed diner have uniforms?

Anonymous said...

86. Why are there never any customers if the diner is so cool?
87. Why are there a total of 5 students?
88. Why is Nancy going to visit a relative who isn't home?
89. Why doesn't Aunt Eloise have any photos of Nancy?
90. How does the police department know that it's Nancy calling from the school payphone and why do they tell her to stop messing around? What if she were calling with important evidence?
91. Why doesn't Connie overhear Nancy's phone calls?
92. Why is the school play only putting on one performance?

The Red Wolf said...

You could have added that Mitch's name appears on a stack of books in Aunt Eloise's house which kind of gives away who the culprit is.