Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pirate Game Speedrun

Uh oh, one of the Speed Demos Archive people commented on my recent blog post! Now I have to speedrun a pirate game!

The pirate game I was originally thinking of is Left in the Dark: No One on Board, because there's a trick which lets you skip over all the hidden objects challenges. That's nice in general, but extra-nice in a speedrun, since it cuts out most of the RNG and brings the playtime down to under an hour, at least. I'm not sure if this game qualifies as popular enough to make it onto SDA, though. It has 217 reviews on Steam.

I also wouldn't be opposed to speedrunning games from the Nightmares from the Deep series, made by the same company, Artifex Mundi. Those are more popular games, but I'd have to check to see if speedrunning them is possible. There are multiple versions of the game, or at least, I think there are, since the "official" walkthrough for the game contains puzzles which weren't in my version. Sometimes, the game version makes a big difference! That's definitely true.

Another possibility is Redemption Cemetery: Grave Testimony. There's also Mystery Case Files: 13th Skull. I could also throw a curveball and speedrun the rarely-seen Pagemaster computer game. I seem to be the only person who has footage from that game available on YouTube. One third of the game deals with Treasure Island, which is definitely a pirate thing if you ask me!

Anyway, those are all the pirate games I own. Any of them sound good to you readers?


Elizabeth Pfeffer said...

I like either Nightmares from the Deep or MCF 13 Skull

Paul said...

Definitely Pagemaster.